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Recent Gold Mine Acquisitions

Historic Gold Mine exploration and mining operation

This project is not a new or start-up project; this project and the properties involved in it have been part of an ongoing, working mining program with ore being removed and processed as late as the early 2000’s when gold was priced around $400/oz. It is now over $1,650/oz. The Company has hundreds of pages of historical data as well as considerable geological and sampling data regarding the mine.

Watch a historic video of the recently acquired Troy Mine

<span style="text-align: center;"><b>Star Alliance Mines Site Aerial</b></span>

Star Alliance Mines Site Aerial
Link: Google Earth View of Mine Site

A Gold and Silver Recovery Project

Historic Gold Mine

The project is located within the central part of the State of California approximately 2 to 4 miles from the town of El Portal accessible via State Hwy 140. To reach the actual claims area, the Company controls and maintains approximately 7 miles of dirt road. The property may also be accessed via another route that could be completed quite easily.
The mine is located 130 miles due East of San Francisco Bay at approximately 4200 feet in elevation and, with the exception of minor snow in the winter, is easily accessible year round. Water is available from two sources, an on-site constructed reservoir fed by a creek and underground water accessed via a well.

Overview of Commsa Acquisition

Star Alliance International Corp. has executed an agreement to acquire a 51% stake in Compania Minera Metalurgica Centro Americana, SA, (“Commsa”), a gold mining project (Rio Jalan Project) in Olancho state in the highlands of Central Honduras. This project, that runs along a 12.5 mile stretch of the Rio Jalan River, is a peaceful agrarian area, with only farmers and ranchers in the nearby five villages. As a part of the agreement STAL will invest up to US$7.5 million for working capital and the growth of the project.

For more information on this acquisition, please view our latest press releases section.

Investment Opportunity

Gold company ownership

The Company is currently raising capital to develop its properties and commence on-site production.
Accredited investors are encouraged to contact the Company in order to receive an Investor Suitability Questionnaire to be filled in and returned to the company. Once registered, accredited investors will be provided a download link to the Company’s Private Placement Memorandum.

Star Alliance Mines Stock Market

Contact Information

Our principal executive offices are located at:
5743 Corsa Avenue, Suite 218, West Lake Village, CA 91362

Phone:1-833-443-STAR (7827)

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Recent History

Public Company Acquisition

Star Alliance International Corp. (“Star” or “STAL”, The OTC trading symbol) is a public company whose primary focus is the acquisition and development of gold mining and other mineral mining properties. The Company has completed all filings required to bring them current and anticipates that their stock will be trading very soon. The companys’ stock symbol is: STAL.

Star Alliance Mines Stock Market

On August 13, 2019 the Company acquired the assets of Troy Mining Corp, a Nevada corporation ("Troy"). This acquisition includes 78 gold mining claims located east/southeast of El Portal, California, in Mariposa County. Under the terms of the asset purchase agreement we acquired 100% of the assets for stock and cash. Such assets include a production processing mill together with associated buildings, all the mining and support equipment at the Troy mine site, all the Troy mining claims, and related geological reports relating to the property, assay reports on the property, and all core drilling samples. Based upon the extensive geological reports, core drilling samples, and existing portals, the company believes it can rapidly bring this mining property into economic production. Below is a chart illustrating the Garcia Valuation and Gold Reserves estimates respecting AT&E claims (a.k.a. USA Mining claims) of which the Troy claims are a subset.

Description Garcia Valuation Est. Reserves Est. Reserve Value
Mining Claims 2,048,720 oz 2,048,720 oz A $3.1 billion B

A The chart above was created using data received by the company prior to purchasing the claims. The company plans to commission a new assay for these and other claims held as soon as possible.
B The price of gold per troy ounce at the close on April 1, 2020 (approximately, $ 1,650.00/troy oz.)

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