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Below you will find links to the most recent filings as well as a link to the entire Edgar file for Star Alliance International Corp.

Corporate Filings

2020, March 31 10-Q: file name Star_Alliance_10-Q_3-31-20_as_filed.pdf

2020, December 31 10-Q: file name Star_Alliance_10-Q_12-31-20_as_filed.pdf

2020, September 30 10-Q: file name Star_Alliance_10-Q_09-30-20_as_filed.pdf

2020, August 17 8-K: file name Star_Alliance_8-K_08-17-20_as_filed.pdf

2020, June 30 Annual Report: file name Star_Alliance_10K_06-30-20_as_filed.pdf

2019, December 31 Quarterly Filing: file name Star_Alliance_10Q_12-31-19_as_filed.pdf

2019, September  Quarterly Filing: file name “Star Alliance 10-Q as filed.pdf

2019, June 30 Annual Report: file name “Star_Alliance_10-K_06-30-19_as_filed.pdf

2019, December 8-K: file name “Star Alliance 8-K 12.2019.pdf

2019, August 8-K: file name “Star_Alliance_8K_August_Filing.pdf

All Completed Edgar Filings: https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001614556&owner=exclude&count=40


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