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Two exciting projects located in Nigeria.

Nigeria has estimated reserves of 600,000 tons of alluvial and primary gold deposits, mostly found in North-west, Central and South-west Nigeria. 90% of the gold and other mineral mining in the country is carried out by small artisanal miners.

Gold attracts significant fiscal incentives and regulatory benefits. The federal government wants to develop the mineral industry which accounts for less than 1% of the country‚Äôs economy. Nigeria also has  significant reserves of Lithium and although Chinese businesses have been dominating lithium mining over the last few years, opportunities exist for Companies such as STAL to corner a significant percentage of gold and Lithium mining in Nigeria.

Our US Team has extensive contacts in Nigeria, many of whom are based in Nigeria most of the year managing the mines operated by NSM USA and NGM USA.

Owner of Four Lithium Mines.

STAL has signed a Binding Letter of Intent and will own 51% of the total project and of NSM USA. Acquisition Cost of $2 million is to include working capital and new equipment. Two mines are Located in Kaduna State and two mines in Bauchi State. Initial limited-scope assays of Lithium have been shown to be very substantial. Nigeria is known for its reserves of rare earth minerals including lithium. Anticipated revenue in year 1 about 70 million, thereafter minimum of $120 million per annum.

Owner of three Gold Mines.

STAL has signed a Binding Letter of Intent and will own 51% of the total project and of NGM USA. Two NGM USA Gold Mines are Located in KOGI/Kwara States and One in Kwara State.

Acquisition Cost of the mines is $2 million including equipment and overhead cost. This includes the addition of an experienced team that works with the government and local tribal Chiefs. The extensive gold resources are estimated to be in excess of $2 billion at our Mines.

Anticipated revenue of $10,000 per day rising to approximately $50,000 per day is based on 200 Grams of gold per day initially, rising to 1000 grams of gold per day, produced at our mines