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Although we have included a few frequently asked questions here, we are also available to answer any questions that you might have by contacting us directly.

Q. Does Star Alliance Corporation have any current mining operations??

A. In regards to our Troy mine, we are working with the Forestry Service and BLM to meet their requirements for restarting production. In Honduras, our equipment is in the process of being purchased so that we can commence mining operations. Our mines in Africa are operational but we are purchasing more equipment to speed up production.

Q. When does Star Alliance expect to start production in California and Honduras?

A. We are hoping to start production in both locations this year although we expect operations to start in Honduras first. Check back for regular updates.

Q. Does Star Alliance hope to complete geological assay reports?

A. We have historical reports for both California and Honduras, however we are working with geologists to complete new assay reports for both properties. 

Q. How many mining claims are there in total?

A. We have 78 claims in California, 5 in Honduras, 4 Lithium and 3 Gold in Nigeria, for a current total of 90.

Q. What precious metals are expected to be mined?

A. In California and Honduras we anticipate primary recovery of gold but there are significant silver resources as well and In Africa we are mining Gold and Lithium. We anticipate finding rare earth minerals in Africa and in the US. More to follow as things develop.

Q.  Will the mines operate all year long?

A. Once recovery operations commence we expect operations to occur all year long.

Q. Where are shares in Star Alliance traded?

A. The shares in Star Alliance are traded publicly on the OTC “Pink” market under the stock symbol “STAL”. Shares can be purchased through a licensed broker.

Q. Are there investment opportunities with Star Alliance?

A. The shares are currently trading on the OTC “Pink” market and can be purchased through licensed brokers, however accredited investors may be able to purchase stock through a private placement memorandum if and when that document is finalized and made public.

Thank you for your interest in Star Alliance International Corp.  Please contact us with any further inquiries.