Gold Mining Potential

A Gold and Silver Recovery Project

Welcome to Start Alliance Mines. We will be updating our website with information and news as we begin the gold mining project with an estimated 2.2 million ounces of gold.

The Gold Mine History

The project is located within the central part of the State of California approximately 2 to 4 miles from the town of El Portal accessible via State Hwy 140. To reach the actual claims area, the Company controls and maintains approximately 7 miles of dirt road. The property may also be accessed via another route that could be completed quite easily.
The mine is located 130 miles due East of San Francisco Bay at approximately 4200 feet in elevation and, with the exception of minor snow in the winter, is easily accessible year round. Water is available from two sources, an on-site constructed reservoir fed by a creek and underground water accessed via a well.

The Star Alliance Mining Team

Richard Carey CEO / Chairman and Director
James G. Baughman President
Fernando Godina Executive Vice President and Director
Alexei Tchernov EVP Finance and Director
Franz Allmayer Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions and Director
Anthony L. Anish COO / Corporate Secretary and Director
Themis Glatman Treasurer and Director

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